I’ve Been Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Green, This Time!

Hi, you guys!! I know this stuff is just oh, so exciting for you, but please at least read number 5 and help me prank my brother Michael. Anyone who does this gets nominated for whatever award I can come up with…I want to totally freak him out!! Thx, Bird

Thank you to   for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!! I really like this one because it is green…my favorite color!!

I’ve heard the varying opinions on these awards, but I have to say that I really, really enjoy receiving these nominations. While I enjoy writing, it is always fun to have people validate what you are doing by showing this kind of appreciation, and thus, each and every time I’m nominated, I get really excited.

Of course, I’m really having to reach these days for unknown things about myself. When you write the way I do, you are always telling the embarrassing stuff about yourself… 🙂

7 things about myself…

1. Millionaire Charlie Matranga of the New Orleans Crime Family is my great, great, great-grandfather.

2. I’ve always been disappointed that I wasn’t born a Jew. I love Israel. I always felt like being a Gentile was like second place in God’s book…

3. The first time I ever saw marijuana was when I was hanging out with Jason Hervey‘s older brother in LA. Total random thing, and I insulted him because I’d never seen The Wonder Years, and had no idea who his little brother was.. 🙂 Cool moment in my life. ( Would you brag about your younger brother being a television star if you were an unemployed pot head?)

4. Breaking Bad is my favorite television series right now. There are quite a few Walter White‘s scattered in my family tree.

5. Today is my brother Michael’s birthday. He’s 40 today. I think you should all go here (his church site) or here (his Facebook page) and wish him a happy birthday…he’ll totally freak I’m sending random people to his Facebook page…Let me know which of you adventurers actually do it, ’cause that some blog-worthy stuff, right there!!

6. My birthday is 6-16-68. I used to think I was cursed because of the three 6’s. I also have three 6’s in my social security number as well. 😦

7. If you separate out Jesus from me, I’m a boring, pathetic person. It is Jesus that makes me shine!!

I am not listing 15 – 20 blogs. I love plenty more than that, but I want to space these out a bit or I’ll end up using up my list over and over again. So, here’s the ones I want to pass this treasure on to.

1.  Lafgod – This guy always has something really encouraging to say every time he logs on to my site. He doesn’t update his blog like he should, but he did write a poem that rhymed about his beer mug. That alone makes him priceless to me!

2. Victoria Visits I just love Victoria. You will, too. She, like me, is in love with Liam Neeson.

3. Tales of a Charm City Chick – Her latest post on her break up with Vodka made me pee myself it was so funny. Yes. I tend to nominate her a lot, but I can’t help it. She’s hilarious!

4. Wheresmytbackandotherstories – This is another site that I visit to laugh. The blog is about Alzheimer’s disease and aging in general, so you know that when this writer starts being funny, it’s all very real.

5. Zelmare – This just one cool little site. She let’s us peek into her life, and she has a simple, clear, happy voice which infects all of her posts. She also posts pictures of flowers, which I just love. …flowers and cats.. 🙂

So, that’s it for the Green Versatile Blogger award. Thank you, , again for thinking of me!!

— Bird