My Beach, My Ocean

birds-on-the-treeA conversation I had last night brought up the question, should anyone have unfettered access to say whatever they want on someone else’s blog. When I first started this thing, I set the setting to allow anyone to write whatever they wanted on here. I changed it about a week later after I started getting strange, twisted, and downright dirty, messages.

The way I see it, no where else in our lives do we allow people unfettered access to our private things. We don’t give our house keys to strangers or let just anyone borrow our cars. People come into our homes by invitation or invasion, and the two outcomes are very, very different.

The side effect of having a somewhat popular blog these days is, if I have a disagreement with someone, the blog always comes up. Do you all remember the most recent Stalker Incident? Well, the thing that really upset him about the whole thing wasn’t that his weirdo behavior had freaked me out, nor was it how everyone he contacted had blown him off. It was that I would not approve his long, Stalker Manifesto comment. He was super offended that I would screen him on my blog site.

Seriously, dude? Send me your Facebook password so I can write on your wall.

One really cool thing about all this blogging stuff is, anyone who wants to start their own blog can. It costs nothing. But when you visit other people’s sites, it’s not yours to besmirch, disrespect, or antagonize. This is my blog. My beach, my ocean. If you need to put the word out there about something going on in your life, start your own blog. Don’t bother getting angry with me because I won’t lend you my soapbox to preach something I don’t agree with from. Get your own.

~ Bird

I’ve Been Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Green, This Time!

Hi, you guys!! I know this stuff is just oh, so exciting for you, but please at least read number 5 and help me prank my brother Michael. Anyone who does this gets nominated for whatever award I can come up with…I want to totally freak him out!! Thx, Bird

Thank you to   for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!! I really like this one because it is green…my favorite color!!

I’ve heard the varying opinions on these awards, but I have to say that I really, really enjoy receiving these nominations. While I enjoy writing, it is always fun to have people validate what you are doing by showing this kind of appreciation, and thus, each and every time I’m nominated, I get really excited.

Of course, I’m really having to reach these days for unknown things about myself. When you write the way I do, you are always telling the embarrassing stuff about yourself… 🙂

7 things about myself…

1. Millionaire Charlie Matranga of the New Orleans Crime Family is my great, great, great-grandfather.

2. I’ve always been disappointed that I wasn’t born a Jew. I love Israel. I always felt like being a Gentile was like second place in God’s book…

3. The first time I ever saw marijuana was when I was hanging out with Jason Hervey‘s older brother in LA. Total random thing, and I insulted him because I’d never seen The Wonder Years, and had no idea who his little brother was.. 🙂 Cool moment in my life. ( Would you brag about your younger brother being a television star if you were an unemployed pot head?)

4. Breaking Bad is my favorite television series right now. There are quite a few Walter White‘s scattered in my family tree.

5. Today is my brother Michael’s birthday. He’s 40 today. I think you should all go here (his church site) or here (his Facebook page) and wish him a happy birthday…he’ll totally freak I’m sending random people to his Facebook page…Let me know which of you adventurers actually do it, ’cause that some blog-worthy stuff, right there!!

6. My birthday is 6-16-68. I used to think I was cursed because of the three 6’s. I also have three 6’s in my social security number as well. 😦

7. If you separate out Jesus from me, I’m a boring, pathetic person. It is Jesus that makes me shine!!

I am not listing 15 – 20 blogs. I love plenty more than that, but I want to space these out a bit or I’ll end up using up my list over and over again. So, here’s the ones I want to pass this treasure on to.

1.  Lafgod – This guy always has something really encouraging to say every time he logs on to my site. He doesn’t update his blog like he should, but he did write a poem that rhymed about his beer mug. That alone makes him priceless to me!

2. Victoria Visits I just love Victoria. You will, too. She, like me, is in love with Liam Neeson.

3. Tales of a Charm City Chick – Her latest post on her break up with Vodka made me pee myself it was so funny. Yes. I tend to nominate her a lot, but I can’t help it. She’s hilarious!

4. Wheresmytbackandotherstories – This is another site that I visit to laugh. The blog is about Alzheimer’s disease and aging in general, so you know that when this writer starts being funny, it’s all very real.

5. Zelmare – This just one cool little site. She let’s us peek into her life, and she has a simple, clear, happy voice which infects all of her posts. She also posts pictures of flowers, which I just love. …flowers and cats.. 🙂

So, that’s it for the Green Versatile Blogger award. Thank you, , again for thinking of me!!

— Bird