The Stuff Happiness Shields Are Made Of

good_evil_wrestle_9844I don’t know about other people, but I find it is always easier to write a post about negative things going on in my life than positive ones. It isn’t that I don’t have a balance going on with both. I normally do. Maybe I don’t really write too much of the positive stuff because I assume the reader will find it boring, or even worse, weird. I get an extraordinary amount of enjoyment from experiences other people would consider just plain strange.

The downside of writing only about the stuff that bums you out though, is you paint a picture of yourself as a depressed, bleak, and generally whiny individual. I am not happy playing the part of the martyr or the victim, and not just because no one invites those kinds of people to their parties. It’s just not an accurate picture of me. I do have my share of cool stuff going on too.

I haven’t had any real mind-blowing positive stuff to write about recently, but after carefully weighing the pros and cons, I’ve decided I’d rather bore you with some boring-to-everyone-but-me positives than to risk being overlooked when you’re sending out party invitations.

So, here’s some of the boring, yet mostly good stuff, that’s been going on around in my world.

  • Sophie, our assumed barren cat of almost 2 years, had 6 kittens. Our other cat, Piper, who we had reason to believe was born barren as well, Black and White Boy 1aalso had some babies —  two of the ugliest kittens I’ve ever seen. So, instead of just having one dog, Sparrow, recent mother of 8, to get fixed, I now have two cats, long barren, who need to be spade as well. What the hell? It’s like we moved to some Magical Sterility Hill. I’m glad I am not getting lucky myself these days. Who knows how deep this rabbit hole goes?!
  • We found homes for all 8 of Sparrow’s puppies, 5 of Sophie’s 6 kittens, and one person’s promise to return for one of Piper’s hideous spawn. We will be getting Sparrow fixed asap. The whole puppy experience has lost its charm.
  • I will admit, Sophie’s kittens were kind of fun. If Piper’s kittens hadn’t been so unnerving and kind of scary looking, I might not have been in such a rush to make sure no more miraculous cat births take place. Yikes.
  • Chef came into a nice little amount of money recently, and he was really generous about helping me out with some of it. He not only helped meChef-1-12 out by buying my car insurance for a whole year, but he got me AAA as well. He bought me a photographer’s camera, clothes, and a ton of other little things I no longer take for granted anymore. It was an unexpected kindness from a least expected source, and I can’t really say thank you to him enough. Thanks, Chef!!
  • I paid my ticket during Tulsa’s Amnesty Warrant round-up, and Rebekkah did as well. Now, once I scrape together the money to reinstate my license, renew my expired tags on both the car and the truck, and avoid being pulled over by the cops while doing so, I’ll be almost normal again. Normal is freaking expensive.
  • With all the Bandido stuff in the news, there has been a mad rush for news media to cover all the different angles about outlaw biker clubs.Bird (4 of 1)-40 The Huffington Post found an old article I had written about being a girl in that culture, and they printed it. So, hey! I’m bonafide!
  • My son Dj, who very nearly died while in Missouri’s custody, spent the majority of his incarceration in ICU fighting pneumonia and some kind of infection in his blood. No one bothered to tell me he was in the hospital on life support because, as I was told afterwards “he wasn’t allowed to have visitors in the hospital when in custody”. I know one jail that is mighty lucky my son didn’t die on their watch, because this mom would have wreaked all kinds of havoc on them for not telling me he was near death, not to mention whatever they had done to make him that sick in the first place. He was healthier than usual when you took him in, and he was almost dead 2 weeks later. Hmm.  The upside is, he was also an expensive inmate. He racked up such a high Dj and His Dadbill in the hospital that the jail couldn’t wait to be rid of him, and he is now awaiting his transfer back home to Oklahoma while staying with his biological father in Missouri.

So, there’s my boring, though positive, list of happenings lately.

Happy Memorial Day!!

~ Bird

Slivers of Conversations I’ve Had This Week

birdIf you’d been eavesdropping, you might have heard some of these snippets of conversations I’ve been having lately:

  1. How valuable is the belief that what you’re doing transcends mere earthly matters and rises to level of being a spiritual mission in service to God? Is adhering to rote policies important enough to risk losing that motivation?
  2. When you use lies and gossip to cause grief for a person while at the same time professing your Christianity, how do you reconcile these obvious sinful acts with your profession of faith ?
  3. At what point do you stop having the right to call yourself a victim, and become the villain in someone else’s life instead? I think I’m the villain in his story these days.
  4. Dammit, Sparrow!!! Really?!!
  5. I would be more inclined to stay longer if I had somewhere to sit down, and if you would just stop talking so much. Seriously, dude. You never shut up.
  6. There is no shame in admitting you need help. Last time, I admitted you needed help. It would be nice if this time, it was you admitting it instead of me.
  7. No. I don’t believe you’d die for me. But that’s okay because I wouldn’t die for you either. That makes us even, right?
  8. Here we were, the ones who had managed to elude law enforcement long enough to make it to Amnesty Day. An ocean of evaders. These were my people……Of course, the moment was ruined the minute I found out how ridiculously inexpensive my fine was. Everyone around me stopped and looked at me like I was a $187.00 moron. A suspended license, the unscheduled detours I’d take the minute a police car pulled behind me, not to mention the stress I would begin to feel at the the thought of having to drive somewhere. I’m an idiot.
  9. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on a minute. How is this unfair? It’s inconvenient. It’s scary as hell, for you and for the rest of us. But unfair? No. It’s not only fair, but it is just, because you did it!! You don’t become innocent with long stretches of time. You broke the law. You got caught. You plead guilty. None of those parts have changed.  Time has no effect on things we did in the past other than play with the memories. The reality of what happened does not change.
  10. Promises around here tend to not come true. It’s a kind of torture really.
  11. It makes me nervous that you’ve been bargain basement shopping for a pet, and not only did that quest lead you to my puppies, but you’re haggling with me like I’m selling them in a garage sale that’s being rained out on its last day.

~ Bird


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