Protecting the Innocent vs. Punishing the Guilty

tulsa-drags-april-2011-076_cropSometimes, I get passionate about a stance, and it can give an impression about my beliefs that isn’t true. So, in an effort to clear up some confusion, I’d like to give you a clear understanding of my thoughts on law enforcement, motorcycle clubs, and understanding the power of power.

First, cops. I believe this country would be shit without them. Of course we need law enforcement!! If someone is breaking into my apartment, I want to pick up my cell phone, dial 9-1-1 and have them rush to my rescue. We really do have one of the best systems of justice in the world.I can reasonably drive safely because fear of traffic tickets has begotten the wisdom for us all to drive a certain speed, in certain lanes, and obey traffic signals. If everyone does their part the way we were supposed to, then the chances an innocent person would get railroaded going through our justice process are really slim. Justice is meted out to the guilty in proper measure. Ahh..but there’s the catch, right? With a multi-faceted system, there is an increased chance that someone along the line is going to do something wrong. It could be anyone from the arresting officer all the way up to the judge. But because we do have such a cool system, we citizens can kick and scream whenever short-cuts are taken, or authority is misused.


Like the bikers, there are actually law enforcement members of my family that I have no beef with. My sister Alexa is married to cop, and he loves her. He has supported her through the loss of their baby daughter, her cancer, and taking care of our sick mother. I know Alexa, and she isn’t too different from me when it comes to those in authority over us. Lol… No one was more surprised she married a cop than I was, except maybe Alexa herself! But this guy, who has been in our family for a long time now, has something other cops don’t have in my world – a face, name, history, triumphs and wounds. I don’t see a cop when I see him. I see a brother. On the other end of that specter, I’ve been targeted more than once by law enforcement agents who felt that it just didn’t make any sense that I wasn’t a drug mule for the mob, and because they had such a scary, narrow view of who the people were in this large organization, they felt the ends justified the means. They followed me around for months, walked into my home without knocking, and I suspect, listened to my phone calls for at least a couple of years. All for what? I wasn’t the kind of person they ASSUMED I would be, and they set out to prove my guilt, never questioning whether or not I truly was innocent.

corruption in the TPD

It is always a fine line between deciding the importance between two things — protecting the innocent or punishing the guilty. Which should a person err on the side of? Should innocent people be locked up just so that the one or two criminals in their midst are taken off the streets? Is that the kind of justice any of us want? To me, that is the turn we are taking as a society. Obviously, I’m not the only one who thinks this. Americans all across this nation are questioning tactics, motivations, and by doing so, they are holding at bay the ability to collect too much power by these authoritative agencies and their agents.

cs lewis

It is okay to ask the people put in charge of our security questions about their tactics, their motives, and their general opinion of the people they are supposed to protect and serve. Only those with something to hide would take offense to that. If we as a society want to hold on to our freedoms, we’d better get comfortable questioning the standard line, and make sure those in charge over us are comfortable answering to us.

~ Bird

#NoWayNotToBeInsulted by This Latest Drama

W-181 clear conscienceI had a weird occurrence Monday.

As you all know, I quit working at the staffing agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, packed up a few of my personal things, and made a momentous move to return home to Austin, Texas. Within a week or so, I had a new job, a new life living in the very deep country, and have been basically really enjoying this new chapter of my life. Marlboro & Red are an infinite source of hilarious stories that I always mean to write down so I can share with you here, but then Red says something else, and I completely forget the previous jocularity. Sunday, after going to church…that’s right!! Church!!… I was sitting in the yard, watching Sparrow and Oliver run and frolic, dashing in and out of the cattle pens, and truly thanking the Lord for bringing me into a period of time in my life where things are peaceful and calm. He gave me a friend right off the bat with Exodus; He gave me Red, who has been mothering me to an embarrassing extent, which I’m loving; I see my Dad weekly. My dogs think they’ve died and gone to Doggie Heaven. Life never stays this smooth, but when it levels out for a few minutes, enjoy it. That was what I was doing.

After work Monday, on the way home, I saw that I missed a phone call from the staffing agency I used to work for in Tulsa. It wasn’t5eeff950ae1d162e6b5ded7f0df04b2b all that friendly a parting with the owner, so I was pretty surprised to see he had called. The message he left said he had received a call from his credit card company because someone had tried to use his card to reserve a block of hotel rooms, and he wanted an explanation from me or he was going to call the police. I immediately called him back, because hey! I have nothing to hide. I’ve never even seen his credit card number, and my expense reports over the last year and a half are proof that I used my own credit cards and got reimbursed for company purchases. But I had some questions of my own, including why it was immediately assumed I would have something to do with this.

For your entertainment pleasure, I’ve used some hashtags to really punctuate my frustration/sick amusement over this latest cluster of crap.

  1. Why assume it was me? When you have a poor track record with your assumptions, as I’ve experienced with you for over a year now, #stopassumingshit . Let me guess! Was it C***y who informed you your credit card company called? #somethingsneverchange
  2. Were the rooms reserved under my name specifically? There’s #nowaynottobeinsulted that anyone would think I’d be that retarded of a criminal that I would use a stolen credit card and my own real name. #ohplease
  3. If I’m going to ever risk going to prison for theft or fraud, I wouldn’t risk it on something so stupid, and useless to me. #idon’tneedablockofhotelrooms #ineedanewtruckandamilliondollars
  4. Only cowards call and leave accusatory messages on voicemail during hours they know it is unlikely they are going to reach a real person. #fromwhereistand this all seems kind of like an effort to upset me more than someone trying to get to the bottom of something serious. Do what the rest of us do. Change your credit card number and #getagrip. Oh, and #returnmycall instead of acting like I’m avoiding you. #deceitful
  5. You indirectly gave me a real boost, emotionally with this whole creepy episode. And that was, a person with a squeaky clean conscience loses no sleep over accusations or threats of calling the police. #BringItOn . #Iaminnocent. #NothingtoHide
  6. I have no plans whatsoever to lash out at you or your little sidekick, and I would never, ever steal anyone’s credit card for any reason. This post is just to tell you politely, and publicly, you need to leave me and mine alone now. Enough of the nonsense. I have walked away, and I’ve wiped the dust from my feet, and I’ve taken my blessings with me. #thinktwicebeforeaccusingmeagain

accusationMaybe if people knew that I am always likely to blog each and every weirdo thing that happens to me, they would be careful what they dragged into my life. It would seem that despite your displeasure at things I’ve mentioned in the past, repeatedly, you still don’t seem to believe I will still write about bad behaviors. I hope this time, you learn. The only reason this blog does as well as it does is because I write about everything, my good and bad behaviors as well as those I interacted with along the way. Nothing is off limits.

Best bet? Leave me alone.


~ Bird