A Change of Opinion is on the Horizon

SheriffObama Visits Prison – Calls For Reform

If President Obama makes this as big a reform as he did medical insurance, I will sing his praises until the day I die!!

Today, I got pulled over by a sheriff for my tags…. again. The worst part is, I was on my way to get them when I got stopped. Unlike my kids, though, even though I was clearly in violation, the sheriff let me off with a warning… even though Rebekkah was winding up, getting ready to throw down on him.

There is a real problem with the cycle that some of these law violations throw normal people with low paying jobs into. For me, this has been a traffic court problem, but for so many others, the breaking of one law can leave them in a storm of financial difficulties. We need the whole system over-hauled. I’m so glad Obama sees the problem. Now let’s see if he can fix it!!

Jesus Was A Homeless Guy

Easter is coming, and this post seems more relevant than my others.

Everyone Has A Story... Again

Homeless_womanLast Friday, I stopped at a convenience store to pick something up on the way home from work. All along the side of the building were homeless people, their worldly possessions in bags strung about their feet, their pets looking as gloomy as they did. What made this incident stand out in my mind was the presence of a small baby. She was in a beat up stroller, and the mother was doing her best to comfort her cries. It was a horrible sight.

Living and working in the area of Tulsa that I do, homeless people are in abundance. For some of them, it is fairly easy to determine how they came about to be in this position. Mental illness and drug addiction are by far the culprits for most of them. A smaller number of them, though, have the look of shock that accompanies a down turn in…

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