Keeping The Blogisphere A Beautiful Place – Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I would like to thank blogventer, one of my newer friends, for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!!  I will say, veryinspiringblogaward3though, that I’m pretty sure I’m not “Keeping the Blogisphere a Beautiful Place”. There are some other adjectives that come to mind…  🙂 In addition to this award, I was also nominated for the Reality Blog Award awhile back from Water Bearer at Inner Angels and Enemies, and would like to thank her as well. I do appreciate you both thinking of me!

The rules seem pretty much the same for both of these awards, and I don’t follow rules for these things all that closely anyways.

If I nominated 15 people each time I did one of these, I’d never have time for anything else, and that would be 15 writers per award out there secretly cursing my name. I know at least one writer, Paula who has some experience with voodoo dolls, and I don’t like taking the risk.  Admit it, my fellow bloggers! These awards are so flattering and make us feel appreciated and accepted; but by the time we’ve linked back to all our nominations, our will to live has been severely weakened. realityblogaward

So, I’m going to wing it, and try not to bore you with yet another list of random stuff about me. Instead, I’ll share some dirt. Brace yourselves.

Six things about me:

1) I haven’t been writing about dating lately because I have been dating someone I really like, and though he’s read some of my blog, we haven’t discussed how he would feel if I wrote about him.

2) I’ve been torn about taking the parts about Chef out of the blog altogether. On one hand, I feel like people are helped by it, but on the other, even though he did some pretty crappy things, I can’t imagine it feels good to know someone just posted it on the internet. How do you tell a story about something that has so profoundly impacted your life like this has mine,  and yet maintain some of their privacy as well? It’s a slippery slope when you start throwing stones at anyone, despite their guilt.

3) A few months ago, I did actually hit Chef’s girlfriend. It didn’t feel as satisfying as I had imagined it would, but I do feel somewhat of a bad-ass now. I cried about it for days, though, kind of nullifying the Bad-Ass Badge.

4) I’ve had panic attacks thinking about spending the rest of my life with Chef in it, haunting me with glimpses of the happy past.

5) I’ve had panic attacks thinking about the rest of my life without him in it..

6) I’ve had panic attacks when my DVR hasn’t recorded a program I’ve been waiting for all week, so don’t read anything into the panic attacks. 🙂

Nominate some blogs:

1) Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates, and Chocolate…Ivonne’s Journey – There are literally dozens of blogs written by people who have lost their marriages that I follow, but Ivonne’s way of coping is so close to mine, she feels like she could be related. Occasionally, she’ll steer me to an article about something I’m going through, and it patches me right back up. I simply love this girl.

2) Hometogo232– One of the things that I had wished I’d had going through all of this was my mother. Despite everything, I wish I could have crawled in her lap and just cried at how rotten things can be sometimes. Diane has more than once made me feel “mother-ed”, and I will always appreciate her gentle words of advice and comfort.

And that’s it, my friends. Thanks again for the recognition!!

— Bird

Another Inspiring Blogging Award


Thank you Melody at the The Donkey Whisperer for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogging Award. The fact that I can still win an award when the rest of my life seems to be melting all around me is kind of cool.

Seven facts about me:

(1) I was born in Austin, Texas.

(2) I think I would be an excellent stalker if my pride would allow me to sink that low.

(3)  I am equally a Cat Person and a Dog Person. I love animals.

(4) I have a deathly fear of medians on a highway. I’ve never hit one, but I figure the odds that I eventually will are going up.

(5) I have had every single one of my ribs broken.

(6) I pray the Lord helps me go through this separation without letting me turn hateful and bitter.

(7) I dream of writing a book one day. I really, really want to be a writer.

Another day in the ghetto…


In return, I’d like to nominate the following bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

Terry 1954


Wat Matters Most


I literally have hundreds of people I could give this award to, but since I don’t have that kind of patience right now, I’m going with these three. But please know, I love you all!!

Thanks again, Melody!!

— Bird